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Giant's Bridge is an entry into the 2021 Summer Game Dev game jam competition, and was created in 4 weeks by a team of 5.

Welcome to Giant's Bridge, a wacky, fun take on the classical party game! Challenge your friends in pairs or groups of 4 to see who can collect the most coins in 5 minutes on our hexagonal, ever shifting Giant's Causeway inspired map! Spite your friends with the use of the punch pistol, get around quickly with the help of a handy double jump, and upgrade your move set with a series of crazy powerups that rearrange the level every time you pick them up! Enjoy this unique party game experience from Punch Studio, coming soon to a PC near you!

Giant's Bridge is best enjoyed with a controller.


GiantsBridge_1_0.zip 303 MB


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fun game,very fun to play